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Lights Out at the 2017 Granite State Blues Challenge

YouTube video courtesy of MoeJoeVision

w/Gary Bernath, Clay Brown, Dave Baker and Brian Rost


Pete Henderson , Ronnie Earl, Chip Fontaine,

Gary Bernath and Brian Rost.

Bull Run 6/7/2023.

James Henderson, Gary Bernath, Chip Fontaine, and Pete Henderson,

Dave Baker, Brian Rost, Gary Bernath, and Clay Brown

Screenshot 2023-04-28 071755.png

Clay Brown, Richard Malcolm, Gary Bernath, Brian Rost

photo courtesy of Brenda Harvey



 Lights Out has just completed its new recording, "Salvation Train". Thanks to the great musicians who performed on this record: Pete Henderson, Clay Brown, Brian Rost, Richard Malcolm and special guest artist Ronnie Earl.  As of May 1,  we are on Spotify, Apple, and Youtube. CD's are for sale on Amazon or at our live shows. Check out "Upcoming Events" on this site.

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